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Effective Snoring Solutions – Emails From Readers

ourmailWell, it's been almost a year for this website, and we're still going strong. The great thing about operating a site where snoring solutions are the number one goal is that you do get a lot of thank you letters from people: snoring, after all is a problem that is very solvable, and once you've found that solution, great quality sleep just comes.

Real Results, Fast

Believe me, it's often not an easy thing to believe that intense snoring can just stop one day with the help of an anti-snoring device. But it happens everyday, and my readers from the USA, Canada and Europe all love the changes in their life. Take Leonard, from Harrisburg, PA, as an example:

My wife finally couldn't take anymore, and I have to admit I was pretty embarrassed that at 35, my wife and I had separate bedrooms! I mean, this isn't the 50s anymore, but who could blame her? I was finding that more and more I was snoring so intensely that I would wake myself up at night and then have real problems getting back to sleep. I pretty much felt like crap, and I knew I had to do something right away.

It all ended when I found your site, and especially your great review of the Good Morning Snore Solution. I had read a bit about the difference between jaw advancing and tongue retaining mouthpieces, and just figured I'd try the GMSS because I quickly realized the tongue retaining kind was probably my best bet. Well, after a few days getting used to it (it wasn't hard - just weird, I guess), I felt a million times better. Then, after about a week, my wife decided to see if she could sleep with me again.

Well, turned out that she could. My snoring has subsided to the point where I'm a sound sleeper. It's really amazing! I'm really grateful for the resource you've put up here. I'm sure if your site helped me, it probably helps thousands of others. Keep it up!

Comfort Is King

One of the best products we've seen, that of course also works for minimal to medium snorers is the SnoreLess Pillow. Pound-for-pound, nothing packs a better punch as far as not only stopping snoring (although I would never recommend it for heavy snorers), but also making sleeping a lot more comfortable for a lot of people. It's a sentiment that Debbie from Omaha, NE echos:


I'm sure you get a lot of emails like this, but I wanted to sincerely thank you for your site It's been a big help for me in my quest to finally rid myself of this nagging snoring problem. My husband never mentioned it until recently, so it's one of those problems that surprised me. But after some of the sleepless nights he had (and the grump he became!), I decided I need to do something about it, and found your site with a Google search.

Well, at first I considered a mouthpiece, because I assumed it would work, and because I knew that I could stand sleeping with something in my mouth (as a former braces-wearer, I spent many a night with a retainer). But once I read your SnoreLess pillow review, I decided to give it a shot instead. Not only was it cheaper, I also liked the idea of the comfort factor, particularly as I have some major lower-back issues.

Well... what can I say? The SnoreLess is just fantastic. I love it. Now not only is my snoring all but gone - I also don't wake up with the bad lower back pain that I've had for what seems like forever! My husband laughed when he found out that I ordered a pillow to stop snoring, but he isn't laughing anymore. Instead, he's eating his words!

Thank you so much for all your great work.

Age Over Beauty - Always

One of the most interesting things about snoring is that it isn't a problem that most of us have for our entire life. In fact, most snorers don't start snoring until 30 years old - while some are silent until their 70s!!! It's a strange beast, sleep apnea and snoring, in that the later in life you are, the higher the likelihood that you snore. But with age, different problems can also come to play when it comes to this problem, such as that experienced by Warren from Los Angeles, CA:

...Finding out how to stop snoring certainly wasn't easy for me - in fact, I had been searching for quite a long time for something that worked. I even took to the snoring throat sprays, which worked for a little while, but then slowly stopped working. I wanted something permanent, but most of the mouthpieces didn't work for me because of my dentures! Reading through your site, I recognized that all the "jaw advancing" types of mouthpiece just wouldn't be effective for me - unless I wanted to risk choking in the middle of the night!

Of course, the Good Morning Snore Solution opened up the possibility of an actual permanent solution for someone like me. I'll admit I wasn't completely on board with the idea that a "tongue sucker" would work, but I had to try something.

And I'm really glad I did. I am sleeping like a baby these days, and so is my wife. She wishes I would have found this 20 years ago! Thank God for the Internet!

Is Something Working For You?

One of the greatest things about running this site has been that my readers tend to let me know when they've found "their snoring solution". It not only helps me (by giving me such great ideas), but it helps every single visitor to the site.

Thanks for reading, and if you have a story you'd like to share, drop me a line at Chris @ this site, or just leave a comment. Good luck!

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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

The Stop Snoring Mouthpiece: A Great Device to Stop Snoring

Have you been bothering your spouse or kids with annoying snores? Perhaps it is the time to act unilaterally and fight this at times brutal sleep condition. So how do you eliminate snoring? Solutions for snoring problems have grown and expanded dramatically throughout the years, as the medical field finally recognizes snoring and sleep apnea as a huge problem!

One of these solutions that are now quickly growing in acceptance worldwide is the stop snoring mouthpiece - read a review here. While many criticize them as being uncomfortable and visually unappealing (when it comes to cheap ones, I consider myself part of that group), these contraptions are very effective in stopping and eliminating snoring.

A stop snoring mouthpiece is also commonly regarded to as a very effective and advanced device that works by introducing the mouthpiece into your oral cavity, particularly over the teeth. A good  mouthpiece molds to the contour of your mouth to guarantee that it does not hurt or cause any discomfort (BEWARE: if you feel discomfort, ditch your mouthpiece - remember the key is for you to get some solid sleep!).

A stop snoring mouthpiece is also specifically designed to softly hold your lower jaw in a forward placement during sleep. By doing so, the mechanism that causes snores is hopefully nullified. The mouthpiece basically opens the passageways on your throat and leads the rushing air through in a smoother manner as it makes its way across the throat area. The volume of air passing through the throat area does not vibrate the expanded tissue and so snoring is prevented.

Fighting Snoring Is A Lifestyle Choice

Aside from snoring mouthpieces, other home remedies and lifestyle interventions may be employed to stop snoring (especially if you don't want to wear a mouthpiece for the rest of your life!)

For example, many doctors advise snorers to exercise regularly in order to solidify the tissue at the back of the throat that is associated with the sleep condition. You should also alter your lifestyle habits. If you are an avid smoker, alcohol drinker or drug abuser, drop the habits and live healthier. This not only helps you eliminate snoring, but also definitely improves the overall quality of your life.

Check out a review on a really effective (not to mention comfortable) mouthpiece here.


No Need For A Mouthful

Hey, let's face it: snoring mouthpieces are not the most comfortable things to wear. In fact, many snorers report that they have difficulty sleeping with a piece of plastic in their mouth. It makes sense. These devices aren't the most natural things on earth, after all.

If you find yourself uncomfortable with mouthpieces, you may want to consider a jaw supporter. Jaw supporting devices are far more comfortable to use, and are adjustable specifically for your comfort. Plus, they work, and work well.

Other Tips
If snoring is a pretty major problem for you should try to alter the environment where you sleep in. Allergens can cause snoring to occur. Make sure to clean your bedroom from dust and debris that may induce allergies. Change your mattresses and your pillowcases at least once a month. In addition, vacuum your tapestries, flooring and curtains.

Sleep positioning may be an issue. You may want to consider the SnoreLess pillow for this. If you want a free solution, consider sleeping in a lateral position (on your side). This works sometimes, and may at least limit the overall noise.

Still... if your problem is serious, take it seriously!

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Promoting Health Even In Your Sleep

Sleep is a luxury. We are all aware of this by now although we took it for granted in our youth. The daily grind takes up most of our time and we have little time left to rest and recuperate. Our body can only take so much during the day and we need to recharge so we still have more energy to pursue our studies or career during the next day. It is not always easy to catch up on our needed snooze but we need it for the sake of our health (and sanity).

Sleep has lots of benefits. Not only do we get to rest our tired and aching body after a long day’s work but we also give our different body systems a chance to perform various important functions. Imagine waking up after a full eight hours of sleep. The feeling is just amazing and we feel as if we can take whatever life throws at us that day.

Sleeping comes with unmatched health benefits; an adequate sleep is a part of healthy lifestyle with can positively impact your heart, weight, mind and more.

Here are surprising health benefits of having a good sleep:

1: Improves Memory: Ever heard of word consolidation? When we are sleeping our mind works even more actively to practice skills we learned while being awake.

2: Live Long: Sleeping for long or short span of time leads to shorter life.

3: Keep Blood Pressure in control: It has been seen that people who take less than six hours of sleep are more likely to have high blood pressure than th ones who sleep adequately. 

4: Be a winner: If you are the one who likes to win all athletic sports then the key is to have a good sleep. A healthy sleep improves your performance.

5: Be more attentive: It has been seen that attention level in people is more in who sleeps better

6: Healthy weight: Always wanted to have a healthy weight? Go to bed at right time and have good sleep.

7: Decline in stress: A good sleep helps you in decreasing stress in day to day life.


So you see, you don’t just feel better and relaxed after a deep sleep but your health also improves. There are times when sleeping does not come naturally and you end up tossing and turning in bed because sleep still eludes you. Most of the time it is a sleeping disorder like insomnia or even sleep apnea with its characteristic snoring sound, however, the heat can also be a big issue when it comes to sleeping soundly. This ( can help you beat the snoring.

How to get to sleep in a heatwave

Being clammy and hot in bed doesn't go hand-in-hand with a good night's sleep. 

There are some incredible tips on the web that will help you have a better night in the sack - including putting your sheets in the freezer. 

Chucking your bed sheet in a sealed bag and ramming it in the freezer will leave you with nicely chilled sheets to help you drift off to the land of nod. 

Or if that doesn't catch you eye try the reverse hot water bottle. Fill a hot water bottle with cold water, put its cover on and then put it in the freezer. 

Children’s toys can also be put in a bag and put in the fridge so it’s nice and cool when they go to bed.


The season change and so does our sleeping pattern. Sleeping is no big deal when the weather outside is cool like in autumn and winter but it becomes impossible to sleep when the warm weather arrives and your room and bed feels like a hot, burning oven.

Sleeping used to be so easy. Look at any teenager, who's likely to have no trouble tumbling into bed at nearly any hour and slumbering through thunderstorms, alarm clocks and even the after-effects of late-night pizza.

But sleeping gets harder as you get older. There are bathroom breaks and bouts of wakefulness that have you tossing and turning. Do those disruptions mean adults need less sleep as they get older? No, say researchers at UC Berkeley, who point out in a new study that decreased sleep as people age increases the risk of health problems.

“Nearly every disease killing us in later life has a causal link to lack of sleep,” says Matthew Walker, professor of psychology and neuroscience and lead author on a deep sleep study, said in a statement. “We’ve done a good job of extending life span, but a poor job of extending our health span. We now see sleep, and improving sleep, as a new pathway for helping remedy that.”


Others dub sleep as the fountain of youth and who are we to disagree. People who enjoy enough and deep sleep daily look fresh and younger than others their same age. Their skin and complexion look healthy and they don’t have those ugly dark under the eye circles to deal with. You also perform better at work or at school when your mind and body are well-rested. It is easy to spot those who had a good night sleep and those we struggled to grab a few winks at night.

If sleeping persists to be an issue and affects your health and life in general, do your research and adapt a healthier lifestyle that can also contribute to sleeping better. You don’t need to drink all those pills to feel better or those expensive trips to the dermatologist to stay younger looking, sleep is all you need. No matter how impossible it is to establish a regular sleep routine, make it happen or not only lose sleep but be more sickly (and sickly-looking) too. We can’t stop aging but we can slow it down by living a healthy life and getting enough sleep.

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Do Anti-Snoring Mouthpieces Really Work?

Snoring is the bane of the existence of most people suffering from sleep apnea. Not only is the loud sound irritating to the ears, it is likewise a signal of a bigger or potentially dangerous medical problem. Most people who snore suffer from sleep apnea - roughly 60% according to one study. And over the years, sleep experts delved deeper into the problem to come up with effective and efficient solutions to help people improve their sleeping pattern, if not get back on lost sleep.

While CPAP was the top sleeping solution for a while back then, many recent developments gave way to more convenient sleep gadgets that are not only more effective but produce fewer side effects too. The most popular of all are perhaps anti-snoring mouthpieces like this and this because they are small, easy to use, and are effective in reducing the sound of the loud snoring at night. You no longer need to lose sleep or suffer from your partner’s loud snoring without breaking the bank.

Several studies have found that many people are not aware they snore at night. They often discover the problem because a family member or partner wakes them up and tells them about their snoring. According to the Mayo Clinic, snoring can be so loud that it disrupts another person’s sleep and wakes him or her.

So while the snorers themselves are often clueless of the havoc they cause once night time falls, those who sleep with them can find reprieve from anti-snoring mouthpieces that reduce the loud snoring and at the same time protect the snorer from the constant breathing pauses that characterize sleep apnea.

If snoring is affecting the quality of your sleep and annoying your partner, then you may want to consider the following remedies and options. There are solutions that may help you reduce or eliminate snoring.

Dr. Lebby shares, “One of the best noninvasive treatments in my opinion are mandibular (jaw) repositioning devices, one example being SnoreRX. These type of devices cover your upper and lower teeth, like a football mouth guard, and reposition the jaw. This has the effect of maintaining an open airway. The devices are more comfortable since the take a custom impression and allow for adjustment.”


As the years go by, more anti-snoring mouthpieces are released into the market so the average Joe has more options to choose from. While these products may have slight differences in look and design, all anti-snoring mouthpieces observe the same principle in treating sleep apnea and addressing snoring.

If snoring is affecting the quality of your sleep and annoying your partner, then you may want to consider the following remedies and options. There are solutions that may help you reduce or eliminate snoring.

Dr. Lebby shares, “One of the best noninvasive treatments in my opinion are mandibular (jaw) repositioning devices, one example being SnoreRX. These type of devices cover your upper and lower teeth, like a football mouth guard, and reposition the jaw. This has the effect of maintaining an open airway. The devices are more comfortable since the take a custom impression and allow for adjustment.”

It’s this total relaxation that inhibits air flow and causes the characteristic rasping sound made by heavy snorers.


You don’t have to be embarrassed by your loud snoring. You may actually be suffering from sleep apnea, which is a serious condition although it is seldom talked about in many circles. People in the past seldom seek treatment and just think of snoring as one of life’s major inconveniences you just have to deal with. But today, partners of snorers refuse to endure such a harrowing ordeal each night knowing that there are plenty of solutions for snoring and sleep apnea itself.

Anti-snoring mouthpieces have saved countless sleepless nights (and even the lives and sanity) of couples who suffer from sleep apnea. Although often underrated, they are actually effective in regulating airflow that takes care of the loud snoring and ensures the snorer don’t suffer from breathing pauses (nor of pauses of the heart beat) when asleep. It might take some getting used to, but over time, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of deep and restful sleep you’ve been deprived of for years.

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Tips and Tricks to Stop Snoring

Is your bedroom partner snoring all the time, leaving you with sleepless nights and not enough rest to work during the day? If so, it might be time to employ some time-tested and proven strategies and home remedies to eliminate or, at the least, minimize these odd circumstances.

But before we head on to tips and tricks to stop snoring, it is first imperative you understand what causes the snoring problem. The answer is multifaceted, meaning quite a few factors cause this sleep condition. Two of the most common elements that attribute to snoring are allergies and colds. Nonetheless, other cases require more elaborate and expert explanation from a doctor. Snorers often have an exuberance of throat and nasal tissue, making it more prone to vibration. From there, the mechanism ends to the irritating and consistent snores that can torment even the heaviest of sleepers.

So now to the focal point of the article – how do we stop snoring? Similar with its causes, techniques on how you can stop snoring vary immensely, from simple and natural home remedies to intake of medication and with the help of medical interventions.

A Great First Step

A good first step to battle snoring is to know where you stand. Contemplate on your individual situation and identify factors that affect or worsen your snoring, be it from your lifestyle or a hereditary condition. Ask yourself these simple yet vital questions – are you overweight or obese? Do you experience drowsiness constantly? Do you have elevated blood pressure? If you have answered yes to these following questions, it is highly recommended to seek help from your physician. You may be experiencing sleep apnea as depicted from these signs and symptoms.

Another way on how you can stop your snoring habit is to use one low pillow. Sleeping with too much pillows beside you can extend and narrow your nasal airways. If, however, you are experiencing nasal congestion, raise your head by putting books under your bed sheet to promote improved drainage.

Practice sleeping on your stomach since this condition is rare to happen on this particular position. You can purchase specialized pillows that are specifically designed for snorers in order to keep you positioned on your side of the bed during sleep.

Also, you may find that specialized jaw supporters are a comfortable, and effective way to stop snoring. Typically, these devices are very comfortable, and are adjustable. As well, they tend to be far more comfortable than conventional mouthpieces, which can bother some snorers. Not everyone wants to sleep with a piece of plastic in their mouth, and the jaw supporting snoring aid is a great and proven substitute.

Lastly, change your lifestyle. It pays to practice healthy habits, and one of these benefits is you can live a snore-free life. Eliminate habits like smoking, drinking alcohol or using drugs, as these elements can amplify your snoring problem.

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Snoring Remedies – What Works And What Doesn’t

If there's one thing that everyone wants nowadays, it's good snoring remedies. What's more, through this site I've found that people are looking for cheap remedies. Like, real cheap. Like, cheap or free. :)

I get that. Economic times are tough. But one thing it is important piece of advice I can tell you is this: a closet full of "stop snoring remedies" certainly adds up in terms of dollars spent. Plus, you know what you're looking for: a solution that works. You want something that works, isn't too crazy, is comfortable, and actually answers the question: "how do I stop snoring?"

So if you're asking for the best, "works for most people", most cost effective solution, I'd definitely say a snoring mouthpiece (see reviews). While I do love the SnoreLess pillow (which works, albeit for mild to medium snorers), it doesn't work for everyone. Chin straps, like the My Snoring Solution, tend to be bunk (read here).

The interesting point? To some of this site's visitors, all of those devices seem "pricey". To which I respond, "sometimes you have to pay for effectiveness". It's just that simple.

Musts To Avoid

So, as a fairly serious "investigator" of snoring products, it's my duty to let you know of products that simply don't pass the smell test. Either ineffective or expensive over the long term, they take a problem that could be solved today for less than $100 (the Zyppah mouthpiece, as an example), and extend it waaayyy into the future. Here are some examples:


SnoreStop Spray

Ok, maybe it's just me, but sprays just don't seem to make sense.

First of all, the "Non-addictive, Non-Drowsy Homeopathic medicine" idea seems a bit dubious. Call me a skeptic, but...

This thing is about $17 on Amazon for a "two month supply". Of course, they would also love it if you "subscribed" to the spray (which we really have very little idea of as far as long term effects), which will cost you about $16 every two months. Sound good? Well how about the fact that you could buy the VitalSleep mouthpiece for the price of three bottles? It's not the best mouthpiece out there, but it is effective, and will stay with you all year. For a few years, likely!

Now, as to effectiveness, this product is pretty well rated. Amazon is also really good at picking out junk reviews and giving you the straight ahead on most products. I go there myself! Not for snoring products (their selection is incredibly weak and poorly constructed), but I trust their reviews as much as anyone.

I guess my point is, buyer beware. I haven't tried SnoreStop myself, but considering all of the crap we already put into our bodies, I don't think it's worth putting a new "mystery spray" over top of everything else.

If you've have a story about this product, feel free to comment!


respironicsThe Chinstrap

The problem with most snoring cases and the chinstrap is simply that the science isn't there.

What I mean by this is that 90% of snorers require that their jaw be moved forward in order to clear the blocked epiglottis issue that causes the snoring in the first place. So a chinstrap, which holds the jaw back just doesn't make sense! I mean, seriously. How can this work?

I have heard of people claiming that these products have worked for them, but not enough. And as my review of the "My Snoring Solution" points out, there are just far too many people complaining about the quality and effectiveness of chin straps for my liking.


breatherightNasal Strips

Oh, Nasal Strips. Another classic "disposable product", nasal strips are one-two time wearable "nose bandaids" that are supposed to help you to stop snoring. And again, according to Amazon, some people have found this to be an effective solution.

But would I recommend it? Never!

Again, Nasal Snorers tend to be the minority, as most real, apnea-like cases of snoring involve the throat, not the nose. But the fact that these things cost 37 cents a strip (which doesn't sound like much, until you understand that this may mean $135 per year!), and only work for a select few snorers makes me think thumbs down.

A big two thumbs down!

(Have any horror stories about snoring remedy products you've tried? Comment below!)

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