Sunday, 4 February 2018

Zyppah Rx Review – Stop Snoring Mouthpiece With An Edge


Yep, I just wrote that title. But upon looking at this thing, the Zyppah Rx is pretty hilariously styled. Green and black? Nice. Very slick, my friends.

But I digress. These stop snoring mouthpieces are not exactly for wearing to the ball, now are they? They're about ensuring that you can sleep. Or more importantly, ensuring the person you sleep with can get a good night's sleep. And so we find ourselves reviewing it.

Bob Eubanks In The House!

It truly is hard not to love something big-upped by Bob Eubanks. I mean, this was the guy who hosted the madness that was the Newlywed Game! Great show. Great guy.  But does the Zyppah Rx really do the job of quieting your snoring, or is it just another "As Seen On TV" product with more flash than substance?

The Pitch

So what makes the Zyppah Rx (weird name, I know) better than another stop snoring mouthpiece, like the Good Morning Snore Solution? (a review is here) Well, first of all, that price is nice. The Good Morning Snore Solution (uh, I'm going to call it GMSS from here on in, just to save time)  is over a hundred bucks, while the Zyppah is decidedly under. In fact, it's $30 less. That's a good chunk of change, friends.

Comfort Level

I'll admit that I was surprised by how initially comfortable the Zyppah was. While in the photos the plastic looks a lot harder than that of GMSS, it in fact is just about the same degree of softness. What's more, I have to say that I was pretty seriously hesitant to believe that it, as Zyppah says, it self-molds to your mouth. I mean, really? How is that possible?

But it actually does. In fact,  it forms really nicely to your mouth. And the tongue stabilizer bit (uh, not sure they have a real title for the band at the back) is way less, uh, freaky than I thought it would be. I can definitely see how it keeps the tongue out of the way, and I was pretty surprised that it did so without invoking the "dreaded gag reflex".

If you've read the site, you know that I'm not a huge fan of stuffing things in my mouth (which is why the SnoreLess Pillow was such a winner for me!), but mouthpieces do work for a lot of snorers, and for me as well. The Zyppah is a thousand times more comfortable than it looks, and frankly, at least according to my wife, works. It works well.

My wife actually slept better when I used the Zyppah as opposed to the GMSS. Meanwhile, I liked the feel a lot better as well.

Oh, and they do include a free guide to a better night's sleep, which is a nice bonus, and actually has some solid tips in it. I was pretty pleased by some of the things I read, and was actually shocked it wasn't just some throwaway document.

I found a cool video that pretty much sums up how Zyppah works:

The Downside Of Zyppah

Alright, so there's always going to be a downside. As I've preached again and again, every solution is NOT going to work for every snorer. So I like it a little less that the trial is $9.95. I mean, no problem if it works for you, as you're saving a cool $30 over the GMSS, but if it doesn't, you're on the hook for the cash. Not a deal breaker, but it is nice that GMSS has a full money back guarantee.

Hmm. And probably that Green/Black design. It's all a bit "Green Hornet" for me, but if it works, it works, I always say. And you can probably scare off intruders with it as well ;)

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