Monday, 14 August 2017

Is Your Partner’s Sleep Music Not Music To Your Ears?

It is our tendency to show our agitation towards snoring persons. From the next time please leave them alone or advice them to change their sleeping posture because they are not intentionally doing this. There is an interesting fact about snoring, we all will snore once we get old and our capacities to inhale air through our mouth reduce. It may not happen to all of us if we take care of it a bit early.

What is snoring?

It does have an official definition but in simple words, it is nothing but noisy breathing while asleep because of the soft palate’s vibration or epiglottis. The air we breathe in creates vibration in our various small structures in throat and mouth.

The reason of snoring may differ in people, it may cause because of any congenital anomalies of throat or mouth, obesity, high physical exertion and absence of good ventilation.

Let us discuss the snoring remedies based on each problem.

Congenital Anomalies

Congenital anomalies are the disorders, which affect us from the birth. It may be characterized by enlarged uvula, tonsils, deviated nasal septum or abnormal or obstructed nostrils. In childhood, most of the people may not experience the snoring problem. When the person reaches the milestone of puberty, the organs may complete its growth and may cause slight airway obstruction while sleeping. This can be treated by adopting a suitable sleeping technique. Your doctor or a physiotherapist can help you with this. Please check whether you experience breathing difficulty or sudden cessation of breath for few seconds or minutes. You must consult a doctor, as your malformed organ or structure might be causing problem.


Obesity or over weight may cause snoring, when your body needs more oxygen you may intake more air through yawning. When you are sleeping the only way to get extra oxygen is through in taking more air, which may result in vibration of your nasal and oral structures causing sound. The snoring remedies available are to lose weight and having a light dinner will help you get rid of snoring.


Whenever we are working, our body supplies energy to body cells through glycolysis. Glycolysis is the process which our body brakes glycogen in our cell to produce glucose. Whenever we are taking rest, especially on sleeping, as our energy is not being utilized, insulin hormone converts the available sugars in our blood to glycogen in order to store in our cells. For this process of compensation, our body requires more oxygen and results in high air intake and snoring. The available snoring remedies are taking right amount of calorie rich food and relaxation in open air before sleeping will help us to get rid of snoring.


Absence of ventilation results in reduced oxygen level in the bedroom. In order to retain normal function our body tend to intake more oxygen and results in snoring. There are two snoring remedies available. One is to open your all windows and second is to sleep in the fetal position or slightly elevated position.

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